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Pokemon GO #3: Failed to log in

I’ve been a bit annoyed recently with Pokemon GO because I couldn’t log in for so many days! I won’t rant but let’s just say that it really bummed me out and now I’m having trouble restarting it again

I mean, I was SO CLOSE to getting those (nearly) freebie XP points from the field research!! I can still get them. They’re not going anywhere, but it does mean I’ve lost about two week’s worth of check-ins and that sucks.

I believe this is where I’m at now, except that I’m out of Pokeballs for the time being. The weather’s not that bad today so perhaps I can go on a walk? Or I could also just wait until tomorrow when I have to leave my house for work. There are three stops at my job, which is always nice for filling up my bag!

Also, in the last post, I mentioned having to power up 21 Pokemon. Well, I had enough stardust! But only just. Now I’m empty again and need to replenish it. One of my recent missions is to power up some Pokemon again, and once I do that a few times, perhaps that will help me complete another mission: defeat the Team Rocket Boss

I had this as a mission a few months back but now he’s out again, everywhere I turn! lol. I’ve tried to fight him but I always come out losing by a few points


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